March 9, 2009

Emotional Tune-Up

I need an emotional tune-up. I often talk to my husband about how I wish I wouldn't take things so personal. I'm an extremely sensitive person. I wonder why and how it happens, if it's in our nature or something that could've been adjusted by the emotional guidance of a parent. Perhaps it's based on events that took place during my childhood years, affecting the way I handle my emotions as an adult when something makes me sad, angry, or threatened.

Unfortunately, this weekend, I am the guilty party for doing that which I just described above to my poor husband. (I'm sorry times a million and one) Advice... don't do that! My biggest regret is my inability to just deliver my feelings more so calm and collected. I lose it quite quickly, which could be also labeled as lacking patience. Instead, I bottle my feelings and then **KABOOM** and I honestly don't want to do that anymore.

I found an excellent article on emotions (I'm not done with all of it yet, it's very detailed) and perhaps you too go through something similar and want to do a little bit more research, like I. I am on a search for a healthier emotional handling, for the sake of those whom I love and love me back and for myself as well... I really would love to find a way to not let myself be consumed by my emotions, but find a way to exhale them properly.

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