May 27, 2009

He Laughs and I Feel Good

When I hear my husband laugh I feel so happy! When I make him laugh, I feel loads happier. When he and the kids laugh together is like a joy bomb! :-) Jamel, this is a public announcement: I love you, love being your wife, the mommy of your little monkeys and your best friend. Love to make you laugh, make you breakfast, make you dinner, love family videogame nights... love Avatar with you and the girls and just you and me Dexter dates. I love you! My heart is yours! Thank you for being the hubby, father and best friend you are!


devon spec said...

i love when craig is happy. suddently, nothing is so bad. :)

Jamel said...

Wow, baby I'm speechless and smiling ear to ear, thank you for sharing such loving and personal feelings with the interweb and me. I love you too and can't wait for our date on Friday!