January 31, 2010

Parenting, Sigh with Me

I tell you some days I want an instruction manual. I was put in a situation today where I didn't know what to do. I felt that what my daughter (9) had done required consequences but I didn't want to blow it out of proportion... so I proceeded to implement an old-fashioned method of structuring and developing self-discipline... the method involves a piece of paper, a pencil... and sentence written 30 times. Yes, I had my daughter write lines... (first time ever)

* I will respect my mom and will be thankful for what I have. *

I sat down with her and broke down each part of that sentence and why I was having her write it. In a world filled with materialistic wants I wanted her to understand that putting all her hope on a "thing" to feel complete is a sure way to grow-up always wanting "more" and never feeling satisfied. Sigh, on one end I hate how guilty I feel when I have to implement some sort of discipline, on the other end I know it's necessary because the future end result is more important than feeling good about the now.

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devon spec said...

oh man. i feel ya on this one. not because i've dealt with it yet... but because i know i WILL deal with it at some point. we deal with the naughty step now. it is funny because you said you feel "guilty" but know it's "necessary" and you are SO right. kids WANT to be guided. they need to be shaped. you are doing the right thing. this is why lottie hugs us after we let her off the step and she says, "sorry." and she's a much more happy kid after we do our parenting.