February 1, 2010

I Did It! I Can Sew!

I did it, I managed to take some time to learn a little sewing (one of my quiet, yet personal New Year's resolution). I took a 2.5 hour class at our local fabric/craft store where I was able to get more acquainted with my basic sewing machine. Want to see what I did?

Granted that the project I put together isn't a fabulous rendition of a tote bag, I am satisfied in knowing I did it all by myself and I could do it all by myself again and again if I wanted to. Next, I plan to take a home decorating class and the project for that class is pillow slip-covers. The most exciting part is that the instructor happens to live near me, and offers private classes. God willing, I plan to sign me and my Isabelle up... she's been wanting to learn too. Before you know it we'll be sewing anything and everything, or at least some pillows and curtains!

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Melissa said...

YAY! That's wonderful!!! I'm all about taking classes this year too. :) 2010 is the year of bettering myself. I was always afraid to take a class by myself, but I really love the two I'm in now. I might try a sewing class next! You're inspiring me!