January 11, 2005

Je vais (très) bien

I got the most adorable French maid greeting cards! They were pricey... but I had to have them!!! They scream "look at me"! I used them as "thank you" cards for some friends of mine. So far they're a hit! The blank card was a little plain, so I used a "w" stamp and turned it upside down to create an "m" for Maria :). I had to hurry or else I would've done more with it but they are cute and they stand up like a paper doll... Gosh I could even make clothes for it and dress it up!

When I was little, about 7, (in Puerto Rico), there used to be this tiny little antique shop that I used to pass when walking on the way to and from school. This cute old lady ran the store and she had the cutest paper doll sets. I would use up all my saved up money and buy paper dolls with it... I had tons of them. Obviously I have not changed a bit... I still posses a weakness for them things!

À plus tard! ~ See you later!

Here she is! Should we give her a name?


Peppermint Pattie said...

Awesome card -- where ever did you find those!!!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

I found them at a local store called "Write-On, etc." in Phoenix. I'm sure I can find on the back of the cards as I have a few left the maker. Let me know if you're interested in more info... I'm just lazy and I'll have to go into my storage to pull them out... but I'm totally willing, if you're really interested! :)