January 24, 2005

Are you...

... paying attention? My 4yr. old... what a hectic day it's been for her. Jamel's being busy working on a project, which meant I had to double time my bootie around the house. I'm normally good at it, but today seemed hectic. I felt bad because my oldest girl [Isa] wanted to play... and after getting off the phone with a very rude customer rep... well I just couldn't switch into play mode with my little Isa. Olivia is starving in the background, Isa's hungry, I'm hungry... and doing the best I can to finish a healthy meal!!!

So dinner's done, Olivia's fed and bathed...but just as I'm ready to dry Olivia, I take a look at Isa's sweet magical face, except it's rather dim. I look at her, stop for a minute and give her a big, snuggly hug - a really snug one! And let her know that I love her. Now to me... well this is normal, nature like. However to Isa it was her magical moment, her moment of spotlight, her moment of "center stage". You see... what I saw was that my Isa needed attention. But wow! was she patient tonight. She didn't complain in all the hastiness of the night... not even when I could see that she was just as overwhelmed as I was. Instead she tried to help as much as she could! Why can we adults be more like children. (as God calls us to be!)

"Precious playtime!"

As I was doing the pajama party on Olivia... because she was so ready for bed, not even seconds later I heard a "Thank you!" and it was sweet Isa. I asked for what? and she said for giving me a hug.

"Not the best photo as far as tones go... but gosh I love the smile on Ollie's face!"

Now don't you dare think I don't hug'em... they get tons, millions and zillions of hugs... except this one she really needed the most! :) And boy I'm I glad I was after all paying attention!

"On another note! Little Olivia ate her first meal today! A nice bowl of oatmeal... baby oatmeal that is, and she gobbled it up! That's my Ollie!"


Jeope said...

I love those pics, especially the first (top) one. Those are some sweet l'il sprouts you got there!

Nice moment. Thanks for sharing.

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Thanks Jeope! :) A long time ago my hubby said he wanted a total of 3 kids. But the other day he said, 2 girls is good. I love having girls. If I were to have a third though, and it were a girl... I think my husband might just go mental! Counting me it would make 4. Can you imagine 4 girls!!!!! I don't even want to. But they are great, beautiful... all mine!!!!

La Chili said...

I got here with a search on paper dolls, but I found this beatifull post on mom`s love. I have a litle one myself, he will be one year old soon. Congats on yours!!! cute pics.