January 26, 2005

Stop! Put that glass down...

So as of yesterday... the water in Phoenix AZ is "undrinkable"... Luckily I'm in the Glendale district, so it's not a danger on my end. But I can't imagine, for a second, the thought of water being contaminated and having to boil it. When the articles say don't:

-wash your clothes
-brush your teeth
-drink the water...

I would WORRY! We went to the grocery store and there were NO water jugs left. It's people freakin' out that freaks you out. And to top it off... I went to a local coffee/donut shop and it was closed this morning... NO WATER = NO COFFEE = NO DONUTS... :( Anyhow, I'm assuming that as of now the problem is fixed but the thought if this actually happening on a national level is just plain scary!

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