June 25, 2008

It's Only 104°

When July is about to enter in Arizona, it never fails that I find myself questioning how on earth have I lived here for so long. This is the first full summer that I get to be home with my girls. June had a great start! We've done the swimming, chocolate factory tours, movies, museums and some swimming. However, as it starts to get hotter I'm starting to not want to leave the house after noon or before any hours before 6:00 PM. It's just HOT! Today the weather is predicted to reach "just" 104° so that's not so bad.

If I could, I'd chill in a gigantic bowl of ice cream! And speaking of ice cream, check out these awesome ice cream kitchen additions. I really like the ice cream scooper! I could see myself giving them out as house warming gifts. As for me, I like the pink one!

In addition, if you don't like waffle ice cream cones you can always buy some Andy Warhol cones. To read more about these icy cold kitchen additions visit wrapables.com.


Melissa said...

What a fun ice cream scooper!! It looks like it'd be good for making cookie ice cream sandwiches. :-)

Man oh man, 104?? I was worried about it getting to 90 this weekend!

Jeope said...

You girls. Always shopping.

Mrs. Maria said...

Shop shop shop! Actually for me it's more like "window" shopping. Or wishful shopping! :)