June 19, 2009

Her First Camping Trip

The reason our Isa Pizza decided to join Girl Scouts was all based on one word: camping. When the troop leader voiced out all the activities they would be participating in, Isabelle thought they all sounded wonderful, but camping, camping was the seal on the deal. Of course she had to wait almost one whole year for the event to take place as it was not happening until mid June.

Fast forward to mid-June... we are back from our camping trip and it was a super success! She tried so many new things, archery, a creek walk, canoeing, rock climbing, sleep in the cold and sharing a small space with 5 girls. She did fabulous and of all the activities, the creek walk was the least favorite and it did involve an emotional breakdown but she pulled through. I was proud to see her overcome many fears and that was what this experience was all about! I now feel very comfortable allowing her to attend a camp on her own. While I know she'd have moments of fear and frustration, I also know she has the strength to get through them.

I loved having the opportunity to bond with my daughter and the other little girls in the camp site. They made me laugh, wore me out at times but made me feel loved when asked to sit on "their" table. I had the opportunity to lead, comfort other little campers that were there alone, I even had the chance to try some archery myself. Unfortunately, I also picked up something and developed bronchitis. I thought this is something that happens after a few days of a cold but this developed rapidly for me in 1.5-2 days. I am so thankful there's medicine for this because the chest pains and the scary fevers I've gone through really had me worried. If I had not had my husband to get me through the fever I faced last night, I probably would've had someone rushed me to the emergency room or dialed 911! Or perhaps, I'm a wimp! :-) I have not been sick in a very long time.


devon spec said...

OH maria! super awesome! i cannot wait till lottie is isa pizza's age and i can do fun things with her!!!

Mrs. Maria said...

Oh you'll be doing so many things with her way before Isa's age... :-) Guaranteed!